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About Us

S.T.A.R. Youth United ("STAR") exists to end the exploitation of children through human trafficking. For us, this work begins in our home community within the River Region of Alabama. Secondly, we turn our attention to our state, country, and world in order to contribute to the growing anti-trafficking efforts across our globe. Child trafficking is both an international and a local problem. It is both a collective and individual problem. Effective solutions must address all facets of the problem. STAR is an acronym that describes the key goals of our work:

S afety from

T rafficking,

A dvocacy

R estoration

All people and children bear the image of our Creator. Human trafficking dehumanizes children, treating them as commodities to be owned and exploited for greed and selfishness. Child trafficking is an affront against our humanity and, ultimately, an affront against God.

Our Mission

To combat child trafficking as we uphold the humanity and inherent dignity of all children.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a time when our community, state, country, and world are free from the bonds of human trafficking. Every child has the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus. Hearts and lives are healed and whole.

We Need Your Support Today!

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